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Patients come first

Healing our community has never been more important. SnapMED is partnering with like-minded pharmacies that prioritize the health and time of patients.

Enhance your patient's experience

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Virtual Call

Patients speak to a Canadian trained physician and prescriptions get sent to their preferred pharmacy

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Prescription Sent

Prescriptions are received virtually or by fax to your pharmacy & organized on our secure portal

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Prescription Fulfilled

Provide patients with an automatic text update about their prescription pickup or delivery status

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Partners in healthcare: Provide your patients who do not have a family doctor with access to medical care and support.

Doctors on-demand: Gain access to a network of Canadian trained physicians; helping grow your future business opportunities.

Increased accessibility: SnapMED enables patients to access healthcare services from anywhere. Reach patients who may not be able to visit your pharmacy due to distance, mobility issues, or other barriers.

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Get Recommended: Extend your excellent service and help more patients get well

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Live Automatic Updates: Gain insights through our portal to improve your patient's experience

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Promotional Opportunities: Help patients by showing your unique promotions

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Easy and Reliable

From the doctor's office to your pharmacy, we keep things easy for patients during their time of need.

Join our network

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Transform your pharmacy with the power of SnapMED.

Unlock new opportunities to expand your patient base, increase revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

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We are on a mission to take high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all Canadians through our efficient, secure, and automated digital health platform.

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