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Our Vision

To develop a universally accessible, high-quality virtual healthcare system that fosters positive change in the lives of patients.

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Our Mission

To seamlessly connect patients with an exceptional network of healthcare professionals, delivering convenient and high-quality virtual healthcare services through innovative technology.

Our Values


Patient Commitment

Championing well-being and satisfaction

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Universal Access

Ensuring inclusivity, affordability and convenience

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Collaborative Success

Cultivating teamwork for outstanding results

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Patient Empowerment

Supporting informed health decisions

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Pioneering Innovation

Transforming healthcare with technology

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Excellence in Care

Setting benchmarks in quality standards

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Ethical Integrity

Installing trust through transparency and honesty

Our Founder

portrait of happy doctors, nurses, and other medical staff

Dr Ratnasingam has completed his Family Medicine residency at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He also participated in three years of the Royal College Emergency Medicine residency training program. Since completing his residency, he has been practicing as a family physician.

As an experienced medical practitioner, Dr. Ratnasingam noticed a common pattern. Patients delayed their visit to their family physician or the emergency department until their medical issue became too serious to avoid any longer. Unfortunately, this has created serious health complications for patients while significantly impacting their quality of life. What emerged from analysing this pattern was a solution:

SnapMED was born!

"Speaking as a physician, timely care is more than convenience. It's your peace of mind for a healthier tomorrow"

Dr. Ratnasingam, MD

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